We are more than pleased to announce version 9.2 of BaseX, our XML framework, database system and XQuery 3.1 processor.

This time, we have put a special focus on performance improvements:

XQuery Performance

  • comparisons will more often be rewritten to hash joins
  • optimized access to subsequences and single sequence items
  • consistent propagation of static types to evaluation results
  • improved static typing of function items (maps, arrays)
  • more aggressive pre-evaluation at compile time

Storage Performance

  • large databases will be opened faster
  • regular storage offset will be computed at runtime

General XQuery Features

  • no need to import basex-api modules anymore!
  • Archive Module: archive:create-from, new options
  • Database Module: directory-based access via db:dir
  • Profiling Module: new functions (prof:gc, prof:runtime)
  • Validation Module: assign XSD validation features
  • WebSocket Module: query scheduling via ws:eval
  • Utility Module: various new helper functions
  • XSLT Module: support for XML Catalogs (thank you Liam)

New Options

  • RESTXQERRORS: Suppress parsing errors at runtime
  • FULLPLAN: comprehensive query plan information

Fulltext Features

  • stemmer for Arabic texts added

User Interfaces

  • GUI: better support for latest JDK versions (incl. OpenJDK)
  • DBA: revised search features in log panel

For a more comprehensive list of added and updated features. please check out our documentation: http://docs.basex.org/.

We are looking forward to your feedback.

Have fun with the new release, Your BaseX Team

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