BaseX Client/Server Architecture

The BaseX Server does not depend on other libraries and has a small memory footprint making it an ideal choice for embedded systems and lightweight web solutions. BaseX Server aggregates all functionality of the BaseX XML database system and its efficient XQuery processor in a client/server architecture.

Client-Server Communication

The BaseX Server offers central storage for millions of XML documents and binary files. It can be remotely accessed with clients in several programming languages.

Transaction Management

In a multi-user environment, the powerful lock manager supports concurrent read operations and ACID-safe write transactions.

User Management

Global and local permissions can be assigned to users connecting to the server using secure authentication.

Transaction Logging

All read, write and server activities are chronologically logged.

REST Server

BaseX provides a RESTful interface for data access. The REST server can be used to access local and remote XML databases. The output of query results in the JSON format allows AJAX developers to take advantage of the powerful XQuery language and the interoperability of XML.

WebDAV Server

For ad-hoc access to databases, BaseX offers a WebDAV service, which allows users to quickly store, modify, and organize resources with a simple WebDAV-enabled file manager.

REST and WebDAV are available both as a standalone application and a WAR archive, which can be deployed on any J2EE-compliant servlet container.