BaseX 8.6, the Winter Edition, is out! The new version of our XML database system and XQuery 3.1 processor includes countless improvements and optimizations. Many of them have been triggered by your valuable feedback, many others are the result of BaseX used in productive and commercial environments.

The most prominent new features are:


  •  jobs without database access will never be locked
  •  read transactions are now favored (adjustable via FAIRLOCK)


  • file monitoring was improved (adjustable via PARSERESTXQ)
  •  authentication was reintroduced (no passwords anymore in web.xml)
  •  id session attributes will show up in log data


  •  always accessible, even if job queue is full
  •  pagination of table results


  •  path index improved: distinct values storage for numeric types


  •  aligned with latest version of XQuery 3.1
  •  updated functions: map:find, map:merge, fn:sort, array:sort, …
  •  enhancements in User, Process, Jobs, REST and Database Module


  •  improved import/export compatibility with Excel data Visit to find the latest release, and check out to get more information. As always, we are looking forward to your feedback. Enjoy!

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