We are very happy to announce the release of BaseX 9.0!

The new version of our XML database system and XQuery 3.1 processor includes some great new features and a vast number of minor improvements and optimizations. It’s both the usage of BaseX in productive environments as well as the valuable feedback of our open source users that make BaseX better and better, and that allow and motivate us to keep going. Thanks to all of you!

Along with the new release, we invite you to visit our relaunched homepage: http://basex.org/.

Java 8 is now required to run BaseX. The most prominent features of Version 9.0 are:


  • Comprehensive extensions in the internal XQuery optimizer framework
  • Dynamic hash joins rewritings of general comparisons
  • Register query jobs as persistent services
  • Process very large CSV files via the new CSV ‘xquery’ format
  • Update Module: higher-order functions for performing updates
  • Unified static typing, including maps, arrays and function items
  • COPYNODE: Lightweight copying of XML fragments
  • ENFORCEINDEX: Enforce rewriting for index access


  • Improved database compression (short strings, whitespaces)

Web Applications



  • Revised detection and configuration of BaseX home directory
  • Windows executable: better detection of Java libraries

DBA: BaseX Database Administration

  • Improved editing and evaluation of XQuery modules
  • Revised file, session and job management

Minor Updates

We are looking forward to your feedback.

Enjoy and have fun, Christian, BaseX Team

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