A new Summer Edition of BaseX is available! Our XML database system and XQuery 3.1 processor provides the following new stunning features:


  • all registered database jobs are now centrally administered
  • jobs can be scheduled (periodical execution, start/end time)
  • job results can be cached and retrieved later on
  • new Jobs Module: XQuery functions for managing jobs
  • new commands: JOBS [LIST|RESULT|STOP]
  • DBA: visualization of currently registered jobs


  • parallel execution via xquery:fork-join (thank you, James Wright!)
  • alignments with the latest changes in the XQuery 3.1 specification
  • easy chaining of update operations with the ‘update’ keyword
  • numerous optimizations, smarter rewritings and heuristics


  • File, Conversion, Fetch Module: handling of invalid XML characters
  • Inspection Module: inspect:function-annotations added


Check out docs.basex.org to get more information!

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