BaseX 6.2.8 September 28, 2010

September 28: A new minor version 6.2.8 is available via the Maven repository. [ADD] Query Editor: Close Button [ADD] Query Editor: Save/Save As Button [ADD] Command Line: parsing of standard input [FIX] XQuery: file module completed [FIX] XQuery: basex:db() returns all database documents [FIX] GUI: Command input suggestions [FIX] GUI: interactive update operations [MOD] XQuery: opt. Read More

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BaseX 6.27 September 6, 2010

Changelog [NEW] Commands: BACKUP/RESTORE/SHOW BACKUPS [NEW] Setup: Installer, Windows Service [ADD] GUI: TreeView [ADD] API: query iterator [ADD] XQuery: GROUP BY, incl. Read More

... BaseX Team

BaseX 6.1 is out! April 18, 2010

BaseX 6.1 is out! Read more to find out about all the fine new features: a new REST API, based on the JAX-RX interface, to communicate with BaseX via HTTP. Read More

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BaseX 6.0 – Now with XQuery Update! January 10, 2010

BaseX 6.0 has been released. It offers quite a bunch of new features, read more to find out what is new. Read More

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BaseX 10.5 January 1, 0001

A new patch release is available:

Read More

... Christian Grün