BaseX 6.3.3 has been released. Read on to find out what changed.

[ADD] XQuery: "ft" module added to extended XQuery Full Text with
      useful features
[ADD] Command: DROP BACKUP added to drop database backups
[ADD] GUI: new menu items "Add documents" and "Delete documents"
[ADD] GUI: new menu item "Manage" to backup/restore/rename/drop databases
[MOD] XQuery: "db" and "file" modules updated
[MOD] System.getProperty("user.dir") added as optional home directory
[MOD] GUI: menu structure updated
[FIX] Command: ADD modified to support the addition of larger documents
[FIX] GUI: highlighting of search terms in text editors
[FIX] GUI: file chooser supports new extensions: *.xql, *.xquery, ...
[FIX] Server: StressTest

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