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BaseX 8.5 Changelog July 5, 2016

DATABASE JOBS - all registered database jobs are now centrally administered - jobs can be scheduled (periodical execution, start/end time) - job results can be cached and retrieved later on - new Jobs Module: XQuery functions for managing jobs - new commands: JOBS [LIST|RESULT|STOP] - DBA: visualization of currently registered jobs XQUERY - parallel execution via xquery:fork-join (thank you, James Wright! Read More

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BaseX 8.4 February 8, 2016

GUI - Project View: parse all modules in a project in the background - Create Database, Properties: access to advanced database options Read More

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BaseX 8.3 September 23, 2015

SELECTIVE INDEXING \- restrict value indexing to given elements and attributes \- support extended to updatable and main-memory databases VALIDATION \- support for RelaxNG validation (XML and compact syntax) \- optional XML Schema 1. Read More

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