Open source software lives only at the behest of its community. Every piece of feedback provides us with invaluable information, no matter if it's a bug report, a feature request or a call for assistance.

BaseX has been an open source product since 2005, under the terms of the 3-clause BSD License. It will remain open source, regardless of any commercial activities. – If you like BaseX and want to keep the development up and running, please consider a donation.

Getting Started

For information on how to install and integrate BaseX, please consult the Developer Section of our documentation. Our source code and issue tracker is located at GitHub. The Maven Section lists available Maven artifacts. Pre-built release packages can be found in the Download Section.

For a version history, have a look at the Changelogs or the (previous) releases.


If you have any questions about BaseX, including feature requests and bug reports, the first address is basex-talk.

There are three mailing lists:

- basex-talk: A general discussion list with user questions and answers. It can also be searched in the basex-talk mail archive.
- basex-announce: Low-traffic list with information on new releases.
- basex-commits: An automated mail-out of repository changes.

More and more help on BaseX can be found on Stack Overflow. Just look for questions that have been tagged with [basex].


Christian Grün

Creator of BaseX

BaseX Kernel

Leonard Wörteler

Open Source Contributor

XQuery 3.1, HOF, Maps & Arrays

Lukas Kircher

Open Source Contributor

XQuery Update, Scatterplot

Rositsa Shadura

Open Source Contributor

XQuery Modules

Dimitar Popov

Open Source Contributor

Database Storage

Jens Erat

Open Source Contributor

Docker, Transaction Management

Andreas Weiler

Open Source Contributor

Client/Server Architecture

Dirk Kirsten

Open Source Contributor


Tim Balzer (Petrowsky)

Open Source Contributor

Data Storage

Masoumeh Seydi

Open Source Contributor

XQuery GIS Module

Sebastian Gath

Open Source Contributor

XQuery Full-Text

Wolfgang Miller

Open Source Contributor

TreeView Visualization

Jörg Hauser

Open Source Contributor


Lukas Lewandowski

Open Source Contributor


Michael Seiferle

Open Source Contributor

Group By

Bastian Lemke

Open Source Contributor


Sabine Teubner

Open Source Contributor


Alexander Holupirek

Open Source Contributor

BaseX Packaging