Just next to us, millions of people are currently being torn out of their home country, and we desperately hope that the situation in Ukraine will calm down soon. For those of you who are planning to donate money to us in the upcoming weeks, we kindly ask you this time to redirect it to Médecins Sans Frontières or any NGO of your choice.

– We provide you with a new and fresh version of BaseX, our open source XML framework, database system and XQuery 3.1 processor.

The new version comes with a big bunch of performance tweaks and optimizations and some new XQuery features:


  • support for formatting integers and dates in French
  • xslt:transform-report: support for xsl:messages
  • util:strip-namespaces: remove namespaces from elements
  • XSD validation: improved support for XML catalogs

For a more comprehensive list of added and updated features, look into our documentation (docs.basex.org) and check out the GitHub issues (github.com/BaseXdb/basex/issues).

All the best, Your BaseX Team

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