Java 8 is now required to run BaseX. The most prominent features of Version 9.0 are:


  • Comprehensive extensions in the internal XQuery optimizer framework
  • Dynamic hash joins rewritings of general comparisons
  • Register query jobs as persistent services
  • Process very large CSV files via the new CSV ‘xquery’ format
  • Update Module: higher-order functions for performing updates
  • Unified static typing, including maps, arrays and function items
  • COPYNODE: Lightweight copying of XML fragments
  • ENFORCEINDEX: Enforce rewriting for index access


  • Improved database compression (short strings, whitespaces)

Web Applications



  • Revised detection and configuration of BaseX home directory
  • Windows executable: better detection of Java libraries

DBA: BaseX Database Administration

  • Improved editing and evaluation of XQuery modules
  • Revised file, session and job management

Minor Updates

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