This is a little, new release, which fixes various minor shortcoming of the 7.8 edition. This is the list of new features, updates and fixes:


  • Editor, Ctrl-H: filter by opened file type and selected text
  • XML Parsing: support for TAR & TGZ


  • XQuery errors: function not found -> suggest similar one
  • Commands: improved parsing (allow more whitespaces)
  • French translation (thanks to Maud Ingarao!)


  • XQuery Update: nested transform expressions
  • XQuery: always return boolean when calling doc-available()
  • XQuery: disallow impossible casts before removing variables
  • Binary Module: iterative evaluation of bin:octets()
  • Commands, REPO INSTALL: install packages in same directory
  • CSV/JSON: serialization of underscores

Have fun with the new version!

Christian BaseX Team

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