Welcome to our BaseX 9.0.1 maintenance release. An update is highly recommended: The major release had a critical bug, regarding the storage of short non-ASCII Unicode strings.

This is the changelog:

Critical Bug Fixes

  • Storage: Short strings with extended Unicode characters fixed
  • XQuery: Nested path optimizations reenabled (e.g. in functions)
  • XQuery: map:merge, size computation fixed
  • XQuery: node ordering across multiple database instances fixed


  • GUI: Better Java 9 support (DPI scaling, font rendering)
  • XQuery, collections: faster document root tests
  • New R client. Thanks Ben Engbers!
  • Linux: exec command used in startup scripts

Minor Bug Fixes

  • XQuery: Allow interruption of tail-call function calls
  • XQuery, HTTP parsing of content-type parameters
  • XQuery, restrict rewriting of filter to path expression
  • GUI: progress feedback when creating databases via double-click

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