- Support for XQuery 3.1 is nearly complete
  - We switched to a new default serialization ("adaptive")
  - Index rewritings have been improved, more precise cost estimations
  - MIXUPDATES option: update items and return results at the same time
  - New modules: Array and User Module
  - New annotations: %basex:inline, %basex:lazy
  - 13 of our modules were updated and extended

  - DBA: Database Administration in the Browser
  - AUTHMETHOD option: choose between Basic and Digest authentication
  - RESTXQ: regular expressions in paths, support for quality factors

  - Faster document index (storing paths to all XML documents)
  - Replace documents in-place whenever possible
  - Updatable index structures now take much less space
  - AUTOOPTIMIZE option: optimize after each update

  - Revised user management; users are stored as XML
  - Digest authentication, Salted SHA256
  - Clients in various languages updated

  - Better code completions

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