Version 6.3.1 is now available!

[ADD] Fulltext: Built-in support for Snowball, Wordnet, and Lucene stemmers
[ADD] Fulltext: Internal German stemmer added
[ADD] REST: support for hierarchical collections added; details will follow
[ADD] REST/GET: bind parameter added to enable external variable bindings
[ADD] REST/POST: `<variable/>` and `<output/>` elements added
[ADD] APIs: bind(), execute() &amp; info() added to query iterator
[ADD] APIs: add() implemented for adding documents to existing databases
[MOD] REST: start was simplified; just launch basex-api/etc/basexrest(.bat)
[MOD] JAX-RX: latest version was moved to our BaseX SVN repository
[MOD] Warning: start class BaseXWin was renamed to BaseXGUI
[MOD] Work on the upcoming Windows installer
[FIX] XQuery: improved handling of extended kind tests in sequence types
[FIX] XQuery 3.0 functions (e.g. format-integer())
[FIX] XQuery Update, Namespaces, collections
[FIX] GUI: realtime filtering

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