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“Database systems are huge software projects – which is why they have to be complicated.”
BaseX follows the opposite paradigm: without usability and simplicity, there is no productivity.
Still, there are loads of things we can simply fix faster, while you can focus on your core business.

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What we can do for you

  • Direct access to the core developers
  • Guaranteed access times
  • Guide you through the integration process
  • Show you the easiest way to solve a problem
  • Optimize your queries to get the most out of BaseX
  • Deploy customized builds in between releases

How it works

Our support and maintenance service is based on a simple prepaid and ticket system. You can buy support hours in advance, and we charge you in favorable half-hour steps. If you use our ticket system, we first make you an offer how many hours would be needed for a specific task.


  Price in Euro
5 hours 600 €
10 hours 1,100 €
20 hours 2,175 €
40 hours 4,300 €

Please ask us for an offer that suits your needs.