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“Real world data is dynamic. Real world data doesn't fit in evenly sized boxes.”
But that’s exactly what relational database systems are trying to do.

We know there are easier ways (to be honest, we spent a huge amount of time working it out). The result is BaseX: With XML and XQuery as core technologies, it is highly efficient, state-of-the-art and fits your data by nature, making it a flexible tool and framework for all kinds of data-related tasks.

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Why we are of great help

BaseX is free and open source. You could as well pay someone else to do our work – that's true. But our expertise is your advantage. All team members are trained to solve data related problems. BaseX, XML and XQuery are familiar grounds to us. This gives you better results in less time because we know what we're doing. Last but not least, we think BaseX speaks for itself.

Your Choice

  • Extensions: visualization, data analysis, publishing
  • Web-based and standalone applications
  • Customized search in full-texts
  • Client/server applications
  • Desktop search engine

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