BaseX Graphical User Interface (GUI)

BaseX can be used from command line, in client/server mode, or using the Graphical User Interface (GUI). In addition to the main database functionality, the GUI offers innovative graphical frontends to visualize XML data. An advanced embedded XQuery Editor is coupled to the visualizations, providing instant result feedback.


Highly Interactive Visualizations
Explore, analyze and browse XML data: Get a quick overview or dive into the details, and freely combine all views.

Realtime Execution
XQuery expressions may be executed while typing them in, and the results are immediately visualized.

XQuery, XML and Script Editor
The embedded editor provides syntax highlighting and shows detailed error feedback for debugging your queries.

Explore your data


Visualize complex data

Keyword Search
Fast ad-hoc requests: Enter simple keywords to query the structure and contents of your XML documents.

XPath Suggestions
Automatically offers next possible location steps while entering your query.

Server Administration
Administrate the BaseX database server from a graphical user interface.

Supports several languages (English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Indonesian, Romanian, Mongolian)


Query your data
Visualize in a TreeView
Explore table data
Write XQuery applications