Your Data is Flexible!

And so is BaseX.


BaseX is a high-performance, robust and scalable, yet light-weight XML Database engine and XQuery 3.1 Processor with support for the latest official W3C Update and Full Text Recommendations.

BaseX offers a powerful Client/Server Architecture to handle concurrent read and write operations of multiple users. A visual frontend features various hierarchic visualizations for exploring your data.


  • High-performance database storage with text, attribute, full-text and path indexes.
  • Efficient support of the W3C XPath/XQuery Recommendations, Full Text and Update Extensions.
  • Very high compliance for all supported specifications.
  • Client/Server architecture, supporting ACID safe transactions, user management, logging.
  • Highly interactive visualizations, supporting very large XML documents.
  • The only realtime XQuery editor available, with syntax highlighting and error feedback.
  • A wide range of interfaces: REST/RESTXQ, WebDAV, XQJ, XML:DB; clients in many different languages

ยป Download BaseX 8.6.7