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The diversity of our customers and partners demonstrates the diversity and flexibility of BaseX.
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The German publisher Deutscher Apotheker Verlag uses BaseX in the productive environment as well as for various internal workflows: the client/server architecture allows real-time cross-searches on meta data with common semantic terms, and the visual frontend is used to interactively explore XML data and EDI files.

CIMPA PLM services is a full subsidiary of Airbus. The CIMPA In-Service Lifecycle Management (iSLM) Business Unit is in charge to manage airlines and operator information systems. In this context, CIMPA iSLM is using the standalone version of BaseX. Read more...

Nexoma uses BaseX to provide the catalog creation utility Nexoma XS for suppliers and manufacturers, generating electronic catalogs in several standards such as BMEcat, ETIM or EDIFACT PRICAT. The master data server of Nexoma XS maintains the product data of more than 100 catalogs with roughly 1.000.000 products... Read more...

The Max Planck Institute for Pyscholinguistics in Nijmegen uses BaseX to power Lexus. Lexus is a lexicon tool that allows users to describe words and add meta data and multimedia. Adding video and audio… Read more...

Metadata Technology / Open Data Foundation is working in the fields of Social Science/Official Statistics. BaseX is used for various desktop-based and client/server-based applications managing DDI and SDMX metadata.

mysimplegrid is a data-model based spreadsheet service. It has been designed to replace spreadsheet software every time there is a need to manage data without a strong need for calculation. Read more...

The Founders and Survivors research project involves multiple Australian Universities in a collaborative research effort by historians and demographers to piece together the life histories and descendants of the original convict population transported to Van Diemen's Land Australia from the British Empire in the 19th Century. Read more...

MedioVis is a visual interface to explore and browse multimedia library data. At the University of Konstanz, an extensive amount of multimedia related metadata is stored in XML. With BaseX at the back, MedioVis enables hundreds of students daily to explore the library content.

Squidy is an interaction library and simplifies the design of natural user interfaces for different devices. A BaseX Server stores settings and properties of the Squidy application in a central database. Via a trigger mechanism the client/server architecture synchronizes all connected Squidy clients and keeps them up to date.

Oliver Computing

Oliver Computing is developing a website which will permit sophisticated searching of a collection of important American historical documents in XML format. After looking at many possibilities, including eXist, it was concluded that BaseX was the best implementation of the new XQuery Full Text standard and after some experimentation it was applied as 'the' search engine.

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