BaseX started as a university research project. Its development has been, and still is, accompanied and documented by numerous publications. Here you find links to papers and theses published by previous and current members of the BaseX team.

Conferences, Workshops

Wörteler, Grossniklaus, Grün, Scholl; DBPL, October 2015:
Function Inlining in XQuery 3.0 Optimization
Kircher, Grossniklaus, Grün, Scholl; ICDE, April 2015:
Efficient Structural Bulk Updates on the Pre/Dist/Size XML Encoding (poster)
Mahlow, Grün, Holupirek, Scholl; DocEng, September 2012:
A Framework for Retrieval and Annotation in Digital Humanities using XQuery Full Text and Update in BaseX
Gath, Grün, Holupirek, Scholl; INEX 2009 (Pre-Proceedings):
INEX Efficiency Track meets XQuery Full Text in BaseX
Grün, Gath, Holupirek, Scholl; XSym/VLDB, August 2009:
XQuery Full Text Implementation in BaseX (slides)
Holupirek, Grün, Scholl; EDBT (Demo Track), March 2009:
BaseX and DeepFS - Joint Storage for Filesystem and Database. (poster)
Holupirek, Scholl; PhD WS/VLDB, August 2008:
Implementing Filesystems by Tree-aware DBMSs
Holupirek, Scholl; GI Workshop, August 2008:
An XML Database as Filesystem in Userspace
Holupirek, Grün, Scholl; BTW/GI, 2007:
Melting Pot XML - Bringing File Systems and Databases one step closer (slides)
Grün, Holupirek, Scholl; BTW (Demo Track)/GI, 2007:
Visually Exploring and Querying XML with BaseX (poster)
Grün, Holupirek, Kramis, Scholl, Waldvogel; EXPDB/Sigmod, June 2006:
Pushing XPath Accelerator to its limits (slides)
Grün; GI Workshop, June 2006:
Pushing XML Main Memory Databases to their Limits