The development of BaseX was accompanied and affected by a long period of research. Here you can find a list of publications released by previous and current members of the BaseX team.

Conferences, Workshops

Kircher, Grossniklaus, Grün, Scholl; ICDE, April 2015:
Efficient Structural Bulk Updates on the Pre/Dist/Size XML Encoding (to appear)
Mahlow, Grün, Holupirek, Scholl; DocEng, September 2012:
A Framework for Retrieval and Annotation in Digital Humanities using XQuery Full Text and Update in BaseX
Gath, Grün, Holupirek, Scholl; INEX 2009 (Pre-Proceedings):
INEX Efficiency Track meets XQuery Full Text in BaseX
Grün, Gath, Holupirek, Scholl; XSym/VLDB, August 2009:
XQuery Full Text Implementation in BaseX (slides)
Holupirek, Grün, Scholl; EDBT (Demo Track), March 2009:
BaseX and DeepFS - Joint Storage for Filesystem and Database. (poster)
Holupirek, Scholl; PhD WS/VLDB, August 2008:
Implementing Filesystems by Tree-aware DBMSs
Holupirek, Scholl; GI Workshop, August 2008:
An XML Database as Filesystem in Userspace
Holupirek, Grün, Scholl; BTW/GI, 2007:
Melting Pot XML - Bringing File Systems and Databases one step closer (slides)
Grün, Holupirek, Scholl; BTW (Demo Track)/GI, 2007:
Visually Exploring and Querying XML with BaseX (poster)
Grün, Holupirek, Kramis, Scholl, Waldvogel; EXPDB/Sigmod, June 2006:
Pushing XPath Accelerator to its limits (slides)
Grün; GI Workshop, June 2006:
Pushing XML Main Memory Databases to their Limits