XMLPrague: BaseX User Meeting

20.01.2014 21:56

Dear all,

we are pleased to give you the agenda for our BaseX User Meeting! As a little surprise, we can announce Michael Sperberg McQueen as additional speaker!

This is the current list of speakers and talks:

_ SESSION 1 _______

• 14:30 Christian Grün: BaseX: 12 Months, 12 Updates
• 15:00 Michael Sperberg McQueen: Using BaseX for Off-the-cuff Queries
• 15:30 Lars Johnsen: BaseX as a Corpus Tool

_ SESSION 2 _______

• 16:30 Gerrit Imsieke: Using BaseX with RESTXQ as the Storage Back-end for a Web-based XML Editor
• 16:55 Jean-Marc Mercier: Data Heterogeneity with XQUERY++ and BaseX
• 17:20 Yoann Maingon: BaseX for Rapid Minimum Viable Product Prototyping
• 17:45 Open Discussion

The list may be subject to updates; the latest version will be found here:


Conference tickets are still available.

Spread the word! We are looking forward to meeting you in Prague,