Release of BaseX 6.5.1

15.02.2011 20:40

Version 6.5.1 of BaseX has just been released. It's mainly a stability release, but it also includes some new features and improvements, as shown in the changelog below:

[ADD] Storage: Parser options added for built in importers (CSV, TXT)
[ADD] APIs: JAX-RX: Flag added to start server in background (-s)
[ADD] APIs: Command-line flag added to pass on extern variables (-b)
[ADD] XQuery Functions: util:integer-from-base(), util:integer-to-base(),
util:sha1(), util:md5()
[ADD] Commands: DROP DB ... ON [...]: delete users from specific databases
[ADD] Packaging: W3 catalog resolver file (w3-catalog.xml) added
[MOD] APIs: JAX-RX: all REST props and calls renamed to JAX-RX/jaxrx
[MOD] XQuery Full Text: improved rewritings for index-based evaluation
[MOD] XQuery Full Text: better scoring results for index-based queries
[MOD] Core: Locking: multiple readers/single writer concept revised
[MOD] Windows Packaging: "Start Server" icon starts JAX-RX as well

If you are working with our JAX-RX (REST) Interface, please note that we have changed some of the options and calls to make the naming more consistent. As an example, the basexrest script are now called basexjaxrx, and the RESTPATH option has been renamed to JAXRXPATH; please visit our documentation and search for "6.5.1" to find more details.

As usual, we are looking forward to your feedback.

Have fun,
BaseX Team 2011