BaseX in Debian: apt-get install basex

03.05.2011 13:10
BaseX is proud to be part of the official Debian Repositories.

Debian users running unstable may now install BaseX by executing:

apt-get install basex

This will provide you with all available flavors of BaseX:


Standalone local XML database. Command line interface.


Standalone local XML database. Graphical user interface.


BaseX XML Database Server.


BaseX XML Database Client.

Feedback on our new packages is very welcome, we'd love to hear from you either via Twitter (@basexdb), on basexdb@GitHub or via our Mailing Lists.

BaseX will be automatically updated by apt-get to the latest stable version once it becomes available in the official repository.


Side note to our users running Ubuntu: BaseX should soon be available in the official Ubuntu repositories as well.

Many thanks to Alexander Holupirek for packaging and Tony Mancill from debian.org for sponsoring our package