BaseX at Linux Tag 2011 in Berlin

30.03.2011 08:00
Meet the team at Linux Tag 2011 in Berlin.

We will give an 1 hour talk on BaseX, it is scheduled May 13, 11:00 - 12:00 ( Room Europa II). We are looking forward to seeing you there. Please see the LinuxTag website for details.

On-Site Program

We will be on-site from May 11 through May 14 with our own booth. Location will follow.

Meet us for hands-on examples, developer chat or in depth discussions on BaseX, XQuery, XPath. In case you want to get hold of a specific team member or topic please use our contact page to make an appointment. We are happy to meet you there.


We will give an one hour presentation on BaseX, highlighting some of our unique features and showcasing some innovative projects using BaseX.

  • Client-Server architecture with REST
  • Visualizing large XML instances
  • Query your filesystem

If you want your project featured feel free to contact us.

About Linux Tag

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