BaseX 8.3: The Autumn Edition

23.09.2015 15:24

Summer is over, and a new version of BaseX is here! We are more than happy to present Version 8.3 of our XML database and XQuery 3.1 processor. This is what you get:


 • restrict value indexing to given elements and attributes
 • support extended to updatable and main-memory databases


 • support for RelaxNG validation (XML and compact syntax)
 • optional XML Schema 1.1 support
 • new function for creating validation reports


 • Strings Module: Levenshtein, Soundex, Cologne Phonetic
 • updates in the Archive, Database, Admin and Process modules


 • File panel: upload and download files


 • automatic database optimization if node id turns negative
 • XQuery optimizations, performance tweaks, WebDAV issues

We are looking forward to your feedback,
Your BaseX Team