BaseX 7.8.2: The Spring Edition

04.04.2014 13:04

Today, we are pleased to provide you with BaseX 7.8.2 a.k.a. The Spring Edition! This is what you can expect (find more details in our changelog):

GUI Editor: Efficiently sort large texts (Ctrl-U)
Storage, Updates: Faster processing of documents with namespaces
• Database Module: alter, copy, create-backup, drop-backup, restore
Admin Module: new merge option, existing functions revised
XQuery Module: new evaluation options (memory, timeout, permissions)
XQuery: always show full stack trace (enforce it with INLINELIMIT=0)
XQuery Ester egg: calculating partial sums (little Gauss)
Client/Server architecture: reduce waiting time if password is wrong

We invite you to get the latest version via basex.org, and we are interested in your feedback,

BaseX Team