BaseX 7.7: The Happy-Birthday-Leo Edition

07.08.2013 14:50

We are excited to give you Version 7.7 of BaseX − The Happy-Birthday-Leo Edition − which provides a bunch of new and improved features:

• Support for XQuery 3.0 has been finalized
• the Unit Module allows standardized testing of XQuery applications
• the Streaming Module speeds up operations on large files
• the Inspection Module provides reflection and documentation features
• we have added support for XQuery collations
• we have extended the Database, Archive, File and other modules

WebDAV has been enriched with locking features (sponsored feature!)
RESTXQ has been improved and extended

• improved database locking, including the use of custom lock strings
• database names have got more flexible
• we have added options for simplifying the creation of large databases

BaseX is one of the leading open source XML database and XQuery 3.0 processors, including full support for the W3C Update and Full Text extensions. An interactive GUI frontend gives you great insight into your XML documents, and the client-/server-architecture and web services make it a great framework for building powerful web applications.

Have fun with our new release!
We are looking forward to your feedback,

BaseX Team, 2013