BaseX 7.3: Summer Edition

18.06.2012 18:33

we are glad to announce a great new release of BaseX, our XML database and XPath/XQuery 3.0 processor! Here are the latest features:

  • Many new internal XQuery Modules have been added, and existing ones have been revised to ensure long-term stability of your future XQuery applications
  • A new powerful Command API is provided to specify BaseX commands and scripts as XML
  • The full-text fuzzy index was extended to also support wildcard queries
  • The simple map operator of XQuery 3.0 gives you a compact syntax to process items of sequences
  • BaseX as Web Application can now start its own server instance
  • All command-line options will now be executed in the given order
  • Charles Foster's latest XQJ Driver supports XQuery 3.0 and the Update and Full Text extensions

For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, we wish you a nice summer! No worries, we'll stay busy..

BaseX Team, 2012