BaseX 7.1

07.02.2012 23:43


- improved document management: hierarchical view of databases resource
- easier index creation/removal and database optimization
- JSON/JsonML parser added
- editor: updated and reopened files are reverted from disk


- automatic XML conversion of popular content types (JSON/JsonML, CSV, HTML)


- new index module for directly accessing database index structures
- new repository module to manage EXPath packages via XQuery
- db:list-details() returns information on the database resources
- db:content-type() retrieves the content-type of a specific database resource
- ft:tokens() returns full-text tokens stored in the index
- ft:tokenize() tokenizes a given input string
- util:path() returns the path to the (currently executed) query file
- util:time() prints the time needed to evaluate a given expression
- util:mem() prints the allocated memory for evaluating a given expression
- expanded QNames, computed namespace constructors


- multiple query files and -c/-i/-q flags can now be specified


- ID/Pre mapping, incremental indexing of value index structures
- document index fix: correct replacement of existing documents
- document index: faster updates


- ADDRAW: add new resources as raw files if not filtered by CREATEFILTLER
- MAXLEN: max. length of strings to be added to the index structures
- MAXCATS: max. number of distinct values stored in statistics
- UPDINDEX: turn on incremental index updates for value indexes
- improved BINDINGS option


- improved log output if query iterator is used
- new ActionScript API (thanks to Manfred Knobloch!)


- a project specific "newline" parameter specifies the type of newline to be used


- modified KILL command accepts IP:port combination to specify target


- Bahasa Indonesian: thanks to Andria Arisal!
- Mongolian: thanks to Tuguldur Jamiyansharav!