BaseX 7.0

14.10.2011 14:36


- Native and tightly integrated REST implementation replaces JAXRX
- WebDAV provides a file system like access to BaseX databases


- Parsing and serializing JSON documents
- SQL module builds a JDBC bridge to access relational databases
- EXPath Cryptographic Module for encryption and XML Signatures
- Full text engine tokenizes Japanese texts (thx to Toshio Hirai!)
- db:retrieve() and db:store() handle raw data
- util:uuid() to create random universally unique identifier
- db:content-type() retrieves the content type of a resource
- db:exists() checks if the specified database or resource exists
- db:is-raw(), db:is-xml() check existence and type of a resource
- db:list(), db:open() uses two separate arguments to specify
database and resource path
- further modifications: db:add(),


- BaseX HTTP Server activates the REST and WebDAV services
- ITER command returns all results in one go and the client
handles the iterative execution


- FLUSH command to write all database buffers to disk
- STORE command to store raw data in a database
- RETRIEVE command to get raw data from the database
- modified ADD command


- SERVERHOST: to specify a server
- KEEPALIVE: optional timeout to close inactive client sessions
- AUTOFLUSH database buffers
- QUERYPATH: path to executed query