BaseX 6.8 Pre-Announcement

22.09.2011 08:27

Dear all,

we've just polished up our documentation; you're welcome to come over:


Next, we're more than busy working on BaseX 6.8, which will be released beginning of October, and which will contain quite a bunch of new features:

• the database store will also support binary (or "raw") files
• the new WebDAV API can be used to store files similar to a file system
•  WebDAV will also provide a tight coupling to the oXygen editor
•  JAX-RX will be replaced with a native, better integrated REST API
•  the JSON module in XQuery converts JSON documents to XML and back
•  all XML documents can be serialized to JSON, using the JSON-ML standard
•  the SQL module facilitates the access to relational databases from XQuery
•  the new EXPath Crypto package supports cryptographic operations

We'll keep you updated; thanks all for your support and feedback!

BaseX Team