BaseX 6.6.1: Feedback Release

31.03.2011 18:32

Dear all,

thanks to everyone who gave us great feedback on BaseX 6.6, either by e-mail or directly at the XMLPrague conference! This way, we were able to finish Version 6.6.1 just one week later, which offers some exciting performance improvements and some more bug fixes:


[ADD] index rewritings added for .../text()[. = ..] syntax
[ADD] optimizations of mixed axis path expressions, e.g.: //x/name()
[MOD] index rewritings on collections fixed and generalized
[MOD] faster evaluation of filters with pos. predicates, e.g.: $x[5]
[FIX] fixed relocation of let clauses in GFLWOR expressions
[FIX] trace function returned wrong original results
[FIX] variables in catch clauses were discarded
[FIX] HOF optimizations and fixes


[FIX] language option (for Japanese, German, etc. interface) fixed

To be continued,

BaseX Team, 2011