BaseX 6.6: XMLPrague Release

22.03.2011 09:03
We are glad to announce the release of BaseX 6.6

Just in time for the XMLPrague conference, we are proud to announce the release of BaseX 6.6. It offers many new features, such as:

  • full support for Higher Order Functions, introduced with XQuery 3.0 (dynamic function invocation, inlined functions, etc.),
  • native support of the EXPath ZIP and HTTP specifications and other new XQuery modules,
  • a new COPY Command to clone existing databases,
  • revised CSV and text importers for different encoding and XML formats,
  • additional XQuery 3.0 features (decimal-format and context item declarations, format functions, etc.), and
  • numerous speedups, reduced memory consumption and stability fixes for XQuery and XQuery Update operations.

Feel free to download our new release, or check out our Project Page at GitHub for the latest sources.