BaseX 6.5.1

15.02.2011 20:55
[ADD] Storage: Parser options added for built in importers (CSV, TXT)
[ADD] APIs: JAX-RX: Flag added to start server in background (-s)
[ADD] APIs: Command-line flag added to pass on extern variables (-b)
[ADD] XQuery Functions: util:integer-from-base(), util:integer-to-base(),
util:sha1(), util:md5()
[ADD] Commands: DROP DB ... ON [...]: delete users from specific databases
[ADD] Packaging: W3 catalog resolver file (w3-catalog.xml) added
[MOD] APIs: JAX-RX: all REST props and calls renamed to JAX-RX/jaxrx
[MOD] XQuery Full Text: improved rewritings for index-based evaluation
[MOD] XQuery Full Text: better scoring results for index-based queries
[MOD] Core: Locking: multiple readers/single writer concept revised
[MOD] Windows Packaging: "Start Server" icon starts JAX-RX as well