BaseX 6.51 (beta) released

03.02.2011 15:55
We are glad to announce our latest minor release to be available for download.

Thanks to constant feedback from our Mailing List we are glad to announce the latest minor release to be available for download.
We plan to publish a new minor version of BaseX every two or three weeks in the future, to save you some compile time.

We have been working on improving the CSVParser, our Graphical XQuery Editor our Full-Text-Features and many more features. A changelog can be found just below.
Your feedback is welcome as usual.

Click here to download basex.jar (Build: 6.5.1 beta, 2011/02/02).

New Features

[ADD] "PARSEROPT" property added to support parser specific options.
[ADD] API: -b flag added to command-line options to support bindings of external variables
[ADD] GUI: XQuery Editor adopts indentation from previous line
[ADD] GUI: XQuery Editor: indent selected lines with TAB key
[ADD] Parsing tab to Menu/Add documents
[ADD] Server: Prop.PARALLEL limits number of parallel readers.
[ADD] Text Parsing option "lines" added to (de)activate <line>...</line> elements
[ADD] Windows clipboard shortcuts added
[ADD] experimental CSV-specific options "enumerate" & "attributes" added.

SET PARSEROPT enumerate=yes,attributes=no
CREATE DB db /path/to/csv/files

[ADD] parser options in parsing tab in create database & add documents

The following features have been modified

[MOD] CSV Parsing options simplified (see CSVParser Javadoc):

SET PARSEROPT separator=comma,format=simple,header=no
CREATE DB db /path/to/csv/files

[MOD] Free block management
[MOD] Storage: Serialization of ParserProp generalized; trivia
[MOD] XQuery: better error feedback for Java bindings.
[MOD] dropdb added
[MOD] globs extended to accept "*." syntax; tests added
[MOD] test threads with start & join

The following issues have been fixed

[FIX] BaseXClient: -o flag could not be specified after -V
[FIX] GUI: XQuery Editor: highlight comments
[FIX] LIST DB now shows 0 documents if database is empty
[FIX] Storage: TextParser did not add text for LINES=no
[FIX] XQFT: scoring calculation for AnyAllOptions revised
[FIX] XQFT: Tokenization of "all words" / "any word" revised.
[FIX] XQuery Errors: fixes, inspired by new Wiki documentation.
[FIX] duplicate "Server stopped" messages removed.
[FIX] parallel readers property
[FIX] parser options in parsing tab in create database & add documents
[FIX] restore command fixed
[FIX] transaction monitor fix for limited number of parallel readers