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BaseX 7.2.1


- Our value indexes now support string-based range queries: http://docs.basex.org/wiki/Indexes#Value_Indexes A big thank you to our sponsors who made this possible!- Our new XQJ API is based on Charles Foster's implementation. It fully utilizes th[more]

BaseX 7.2


API: - new restxq api, introduced by adam retter- rest: failed query now returns line/column position- client apis: commands added for binding context items, and checking if a query performsn updates GUI: - performance: limit number of displayed [more]

BaseX 7.2: The EDBT Release


We are glad to announce Version 7.2 (aka the »EDBT Release«) of BaseX, an XML database and XQuery/XPath processor, including full support for the W3C Update and Full Text extensions. The latest release offers the following new features: • support fo[more]

BaseX 7.1.1: The Feedback Release


Dear all, thanks for your feedback on our latest release, either live and direct around the XMLPrague session, or by e-mail and the mailing list! As a result, just twelve days later, we are glad to give you Version 7.1.1, which comprises stability f[more]

BaseX 7.1.1


GUI: - new "Package" dialog: list, install and delete XQuery Packages- "New/Add" dialog: increased usability, automatic detection of input formats; "RAW" format added to simplify import of raw files- "Export"[more]

BaseX 7.1: The XMLPrague 2012 Edition


Dear all,three months have passed, and we are now proud to release BaseX 7.1, a.k.a. the XMLPrague 2012 Edition! These are some of the new exciting features (a full list is attached below): GUI: the management of your databases, documents & bina[more]

BaseX 7.1


GUI - improved document management: hierarchical view of databases resource- easier index creation/removal and database optimization- JSON/JsonML parser added- editor: updated and reopened files are reverted from disk REST - automatic XML conversi[more]