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BaseX 6.6.2


API: [ADD] JAX-RX API now supports basic user authentication: http://docs.basex.org/wiki/JAX-RX_API[ADD] The COPY command creates identical database copies: http://docs.basex.org/wiki/Commands#COPY[ADD] The OPTIMIZE ALL command minimizes a[more]

BaseX 6.6.2: LinuxTag Release


Dear all, we are excited to announce the new version of BaseX, aligned with the LinuxTag Event in Berlin/Germany. The main features are: a highly efficient XQuery map expression with associated functions, basic authentication in our JAX-RX (REST) AP[more]

BaseX in Debian: apt-get install basex


BaseX is proud to be part of the official Debian Repositories. [more]

BaseX 6.6.1: Feedback Release


Dear all, thanks to everyone who gave us great feedback on BaseX 6.6, either by e-mail or directly at the XMLPrague conference! This way, we were able to finish Version 6.6.1 just one week later, which offers some exciting performance improvements a[more]

BaseX 6.6.1


XQuery: [ADD] index rewritings added for .../text()[. = ..] syntax[ADD] optimizations of mixed axis path expressions, e.g.: //x/name()[MOD] index rewritings on collections fixed and generalized[MOD] faster evaluation of filters with pos. predicates,[more]

BaseX at Linux Tag 2011 in Berlin


Meet the team at Linux Tag 2011 in Berlin.[more]

BaseX 6.6


We are glad to announce the release of BaseX 6.6![more]