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BaseX 7.0.2


FULL TEXT - Stemming support for Japanese text corpora (thanks to Toshio HIRAI!) STARTUP - Updated start scripts (thanks to Ralf Jung!)- System property "org.basex.path" added to specify project's home directory (thanks to malamut2!) [more]

BaseX 7.0.1


Hi all, we are glad to announce BaseX 7.0.1, a minor update that is mainly a reaction on your first feedback, and an intent to optimize our distribution packages. Those are the most important changes: DISTRIBUTIONS: - Windows installer was up[more]

BaseX 7.0.1


DISTRIBUTIONS: - Windows installer was updated to support latest features- ZIP file was updated (initial config & directories added)- Short directory names are chosen if config file resides in app.dir.- Start scripts have been improved XQUERY[more]

BaseX 7.0: TEI Edition


Thanks everyone for your support! We are more than excited to announce BaseX 7.0 (a.k.a. the TEI Edition), the best version we have ever released! It includes an impressive bunch of new features: STORAGE: Files of any data type can now be stored in [more]

BaseX 7.0


API: - Native and tightly integrated REST implementation replaces JAXRX- WebDAV provides a file system like access to BaseX databases XQuery: - Parsing and serializing JSON documents- SQL module builds a JDBC bridge to access relational databases [more]

BaseX 6.8 Pre-Announcement


Dear all, we've just polished up our documentation; you're welcome to come over:   http://docs.basex.org Next, we're more than busy working on BaseX 6.8, which will be released beginning of October, and which will contain quite a bunch [more]

BaseX 6.7.1


Just four weeks have passed, and we are proud to announce Version 6.7.1 (a.k.a. The Balisage 2011 Edition) of BaseX. Here is what you get: XQuery: - New database functions for adding, deleting, renaming, replacing documents and optimizing database[more]