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BaseX 7.9


XQUNIT- Unit testing has been improved a lot. All test functions will now be evaluated separately; this way, updates can be performed within test.- with the new TEST command, all test modules in a specified directory can be evaluated.- tests can be[more]

BaseX 7.8.2: The Spring Edition


Today, we are pleased to provide you with BaseX 7.8.2 a.k.a. The Spring Edition! This is what you can expect (find more details in our changelog): • GUI Editor: Efficiently sort large texts (Ctrl-U)• Storage, Updates: Faster processing of [more]

BaseX 7.8.2


GUI- Ctrl-U: efficiently sort large texts- Ctrl-H, Ctrl-J: context-sensitive behavior- tweaked code automatismsSTORAGE, UPDATES- faster processing of documents with namespacesXQUERY MODULES- Database Module: alter, copy, create-backup, drop-backup, r[more]

BaseX 7.8.1: A Bug-Fix Release


This is a little, new release, which fixes various minor shortcoming of the 7.8 edition. This is the list of new features, updates and fixes: ADDED Editor, Ctrl-H: filter by opened file type and selected text XML Parsing: support for T[more]

BaseX 7.8.1


ADDED* Editor, Ctrl-H: filter by opened file type and selected text* XML Parsing: support for TAR & TGZ UPDATED* XQuery errors: function not found -> suggest similar one* Commands: improved parsing (allow more whitespaces)* French translation [more]

BaseX 7.8


GUI- new project view for organizing and opening project files- realtime search of project files and contents- various new editor shortcuts and code completions, code formattingUPDATES- improved performance of delete and insert operations- faster in-[more]

BaseX 7.8: The XMLPrague 2014 Edition


Dear all, thanks for your support! We are very pleased to announce BaseX 7.8 (the XMLPrague Edition)! The new version was designed to further increase your productivity, no matter if you develop feature-rich XQuery applications or use BaseX as a lig[more]