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BaseX 8.0


XQUERY - Support for XQuery 3.1 is nearly complete - We switched to a new default serialization ("adaptive") - Index rewritings have been improved, more precise cost estimations - MIXUPDATES option: update items and return results at t[more]

BaseX User Meeting 2015


We are pleased to officially announce our BaseX Users Meetup 2015, collocated with the XML Prague Conference. It will take place on Friday, 14:30 – 18:00. The current sessions and the list of speakers are listed on Lanyrd and, soon, the conference s[more]

BaseX 7.9, The Summer Edition


In the midst of summertime, we provide you with a great new version of BaseX, our XML database system and XQuery 3.0 processor! You can expect the following features: XQUNIT Unit testing has been improved a lot. All test functions will now be eva[more]

BaseX 7.9


XQUNIT- Unit testing has been improved a lot. All test functions will now be evaluated separately; this way, updates can be performed within test.- with the new TEST command, all test modules in a specified directory can be evaluated.- tests can be[more]

BaseX 7.8.2: The Spring Edition


Today, we are pleased to provide you with BaseX 7.8.2 a.k.a. The Spring Edition! This is what you can expect (find more details in our changelog): • GUI Editor: Efficiently sort large texts (Ctrl-U)• Storage, Updates: Faster processing of [more]

BaseX 7.8.2


GUI- Ctrl-U: efficiently sort large texts- Ctrl-H, Ctrl-J: context-sensitive behavior- tweaked code automatismsSTORAGE, UPDATES- faster processing of documents with namespacesXQUERY MODULES- Database Module: alter, copy, create-backup, drop-backup, r[more]

BaseX 7.8.1: A Bug-Fix Release


This is a little, new release, which fixes various minor shortcoming of the 7.8 edition. This is the list of new features, updates and fixes: ADDED Editor, Ctrl-H: filter by opened file type and selected text XML Parsing: support for T[more]