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BaseX 7.7.2


XQUERY - CSV Module and serialization added - JSON serializer updated (more to follow) - update checks in modify clause fixed - parsing of new map syntax fixed (ignoring spaces) - tail call handling in built-in higher order functions fixed API - Russ[more]

BaseX 7.7.1: Bug Fixes


You are invited to check out our minor 7.7.1 release, which contains the following patches and fixes:XQUERY• we have switched to the new map syntax (example: {'key':'value'})• tail call optimization is now also applied to dynamic functions• fn:subseq[more]

BaseX 7.7.1


XQUERY- new map syntax: { 'key' : 'value' }- tail call optimization for dynamic functions- optimize fn:subsequence() calls and sequence casts- db:optimize(): original options are preservedWEBDAV- return non-breakable spaces as  CORE- avoid OutOf[more]

BaseX 7.7: The Happy-Birthday-Leo Edition


We are excited to give you Version 7.7 of BaseX − The Happy-Birthday-Leo Edition − which provides a bunch of new and improved features:XQUERY• Support for XQuery 3.0 has been finalized• the Unit Module allows standardized testing of XQuery applicatio[more]

BaseX 7.7


XQUERY- Support for XQuery 3.0 is now finalized!- the Unit Module allows standardized testing of XQuery applications- the Streaming Module speeds up operations on large files- the Inspection Module provides reflection and documentation features- we h[more]

XMLPrague: Talks, slides and videos


We are back from the XMLPrague Conference, and it was great to meet and talk to many of you face to face! The slides of most talks are now available online. Have fun, yourBaseX Team[more]

BaseX 7.6: The XMLPrague Edition


We are excited to announce Version BaseX 7.6 − The XMLPrague Edition − which provides some fresh new features that will boost your productivity a lot:DATABASE LOCKING!· updates on different databases can now be executed in parallel and won't lock you[more]