Meet the Team.

The guys behind BaseX.

Our Mission

  • We want to make BaseX the most valuable framework for processing flexible data.
  • We are proud and motivated to make BaseX as high performing, reliable and useful to our users as we can.
  • We are excited to see BaseX applied to so many different areas of production and usage scenarios.
  • We have a common history at the University of Konstanz and we all centered our academic work around BaseX.

Short History

In 2005, BaseX started as an offspring of the Database and Information Systems Group at the University of Konstanz and soon turned into a feature rich XML Database engine and XPath/XQuery Processor. BaseX as Open Source project brought us valuable users, who motivated the founding of a startup. Since 2012, the BaseX GmbH has been providing commercial support, customized services and training facilities, and has been fostering the further development of BaseX.

Core Team (Company)

  • Dr. Christian Grün: Managing Director, Chief Architect
  • Dr. Alexander Holupirek: Managing Director, Consultant
  • Michael Seiferle: Managing Director, Software Architect
  • Sabine Teubner: Application Developer, RESTXQ, XForms
  • Milda Jasiunaite: Quality Management
  • Christiane Holupirek: Graphic Art and Design
  • Prof. Dr. Marc H. Scholl: Managing Director, Science Advisor

Contributors of BaseX

  • Leonard Wörteler: XQuery 3.1, Higher-Order Functions, Maps & Arrays
  • Lukas Kircher: XQuery Update, Scatterplot
  • Sebastian Gath: XQuery Full-Text
  • Dirk Kirsten: Web Applications
  • Arve Gengelbach: Web Applications

…and many others


Dr. Christian Grün is member of the W3C XML Query Working Group. He contributes to the XQuery Full-Text Recommendation as Invited Expert.

We are still in close cooperation with the University of Konstanz, providing possibilities for research groups, PhDs, and students to do their research inside or with the aid of BaseX. As members of the DBIS Group, we continue doing database and operating system related research and teaching.

Dr. Alexander Holupirek is member of the DFG Program "Explorative Analysis and Visualization of Large Information Spaces" since 2006.